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international cooperation

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    Most of the urgent problems can only be solved with international cooperation. To what extend do you agree or disagree?
    Over the past few years, many universal problems have been managed effectively with international cooperation. Some people think that global connection could deal with most of the urgent issues. Personally, I partly agree with this opinion because of the following grounds.
    It is universally accepted that many outstanding issues reached to the global level that need contributions from many governments such as global warming, environmental pollution, endangered species protection or natural disasters. Taking global warming as an example, many conferences have been hold to warn negative impacts that greenhouse gases have on environment and climate change. In recent years, many campaign has been organized by non-government organizations to raise awareness of environmental issues in the world. Obviously, the efforts of international cooperation has been positively contributed to relieving detrimental consequences of the urgent problems.
    However, it is not reasonable to leave international cooperation tackle with most difficulties that all of people has been confronting. Some problem could be handled by the local governments as well as individuals. Regarding traffic congestion, this problem can perfectly be solved by regional governments. They can offer polices to reduce private cars as well as encourage residents to commute by public transportation. As far as environmental issues are concerned, I believe that raising people’s awareness of environmental protection would be the most vital matter. Everyone need to understand clearly about the importance of nature and they cannot survive without nature. This can result in every individual will be responsible for protecting environment.
    In brief, international cooperation has proved to be the effective way to deal with a great number of pressing matters. However, responsibilities of solving urgent problems need to come from every person in the community.

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