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    Interview is the basic form of selecting procedure for many large companies. Some people think it is unreliable and there are some other better methods. Discuss and give your own opinion.

    People have different views about whether most interviews in companies are reliable. While some individuals believe that this measure is an effective way to choose proper applicants, I would argue that there are some better approaches for recruitment.
    It cannot be denied that the interview with recent innovations is a popular method which has had been applied by departments’ leaders because of its benefits. Firstly, it is probably simple with a standardize procedure that has been researched and designed by experts. For example, an appropriate questionnaire is picked up to use in the interview of each particular vacancy. From that, interviewers can assess a candidate’s abilities without difficulty. In addition, the participation of sections’ managers in different interview stages helps to consider comprehensively before making any recruit decision. In fact, everyone has separate observations about an applicant and therefore, the evaluation may be more accurate.
    On the other hand, this measure may contain drawbacks, especially the constraint of reliability. In other words, people can predict questions which will be asked. These candidates may prepare some expected answers by assessors. Take a vacancy of an accountant as an instance, the applicants tend to response that they are hard-working and enable to suffer pressures although the truth may be not like that. As a result, it is difficult to understand their aptitudes. A more feasible measure to diminish this would be to create groups of candidates in which they have to work together to solve a problem. The investigator may be play as an applicant in order to evaluate directly their performances. Moreover, the leaders may select some people from a group while they show capabilities that are fit for further positions, such as a secretary or a team leader.
    In conclusion, I believe that there are more suitable methods to apply in recruitments rather than the traditional interviews.

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