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    Nowadays, people are living in global era with free commerce around the world. Nevertheless, some people have a belief that producing and trading should enable within the domestic market. In my opinion, I strongly disagree with this idea.
    To launch in to the topic, the country’s economy entirely concentrate on the domestic consumption, thereby weakening or even aborting the economic expansion. As far as my knowledge, most economist concur the view that what keep the economy going is consumption expenditure. Therefore, the country manufacture numerous goods, but the domestic market consumes slowly and insignificantly. As a result, this country is more likely to cope with economic slump and crisis. While some kinds of goods won sell, citizens may have to buy some others with the highest costs because the country is impossible to provide all products for residents. The market has been unbalanced by the lack and surplus of goods.
    On the flip side, the global commerce has become a tendency for recent decades with many advantages. Obviously, globalization has been boosting global economy and national economy as well. For example, Germany and Sweden have prospered due to the success of the exports around the world. Besides, trading goods also amplifies society and knowledge such as culture, language and education. For instance, people currently communicate easily without cultural and language fences. Moreover, humans have been getting more intellectual than the previous generations due to the giant amount of global awareness, which was updated on the Internet daily. Accordingly, technology and education have been intensively developing and contributing technology-driven economy which helps human reach to great innovations such as travel space and connecting extraterrestrial intelligence.
    To sum up, the global economy outweights the domestic economy. Trading within the country’s borders is more likely to prevent humans’ innovation.

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