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    People aim to achieve the balance between their work and lives. But feww people achieve it. What causes of this problem? How to overcome it?
    It is true that people has been increasingly working to achieve targets as well as meet their demands. This could result in it is very hard to find the balance between work and daily life. There are a series of reasons causing this problem and some possible solutions will be raised in this essay.
    To begin with, people find difficult to achieve equilibrium between work and personal life because of some reasons which are related to promotion and living expenses. With regard to the promotion, young people tend to be ambitious to get higher positions in their careers. With the highly competitive business environment, it is inevitable to spend more than 8 hours per day for goals that employees want to achieve. This can lead to they have more opportunities to be promoted; yet it also result in detrimental consequences that related to heath issues. As far as living expenses are concerned, it is undeniable that daily spending has been rising day by day. This force people work more to afford their families. Besides the main work they are responsible for in companies, many people are prone to seek an extra work to support their families as well as meet their requirement. That is the reason why more and more people get depressed beacause of heavy workload and do not enough time for personal hobbies as well as their families and friends.
    To tackle this problem, I think people should allocate more time to relax. The most important matter is we need to understand between working and relaxation. Due to this, we will make an schedule scientifically and effectively. Spending more time with our family members after finishing at work help us enhance family relationship. Another method is that we should have some entertainment activities, namely playing sport, watching movies, listening to music or traveling to tourist places. Last but not least, I believe that we should satisfy with what we have. Setting too much goals exceeding our competency would make us get more stressed. These are some ways that we can do to enjoy our lives as well as make them more comfortable.
    In brief, finding the balance between professions and daily lives would be really arduous. However, there are still have feasible measures to address this problem.

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