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    Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding
    change. Others, however, think that change is always a good thing.
    Discuss both these views and give your own opinion?
    The question of whether individuals should repeat their regular tasks in the whole life or try to do different things remains a source of controversy. In my opinion, such an idea has both its own unique advantages.
    On the one hand, maintaining the same routine everyday might be beneficial to some extent. Firstly, it is evident that if there are no changes in people’s daily routine, it will much easier for them to follow and organize their works, thus their performance at working place will be very professional. For instance, one CEO in Toyota, a biggest automotive manufacture in the world, said that: “The key of our success is every worker takes the same responsibility from their first day at work until their retirement. Secondly, keep doing the same things will make it become habits quickly, hence, people do not really need much effort or discipline to maintain it in the future. For example, if a Facebook addict always attempt to avoid phone, internet or laptop, he will be soon stop visiting this site.
    On the other hand, changeable lifestyle also has some benefits to human lives. To begin with, it is evident that in the present day, with the unprecedented development of technology, the world changes faster than ever, thus in order to adapt this environment, people have to modify their routine. For instance, Nokia, which was one of the biggest phone organization in the world, bankrupted because it had kept its out-of-date manageable system for a long time. Moreover, changes also mean innovation which definitely has beneficial impacts on human lives. For example, thanks to the invention of internet, these day, people can access to a great amount of knowledge easier than ever before.
    In conclusion, while there are some significant advantages of keep doing the same routine, I would argue that changes might bring more valuable opportunities for mankind.

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