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    The line chart depicts how many people came to England for various attractions including Art Gallery, Pavilion, Pier and Festival over the period of 70 years starting 1980, which was measured in percentage. Overall, it can be seen from the graph that there were fluctuated in the proportion of people visited to Art Gallery, Pavilion and Pier whereas the percentage of visitor came England for the festival was not really noticeable in the mentioned time.
    As for Art Gallery, there was a significant increase in visitors from just over 20% in 1980 to roughly 38% in 1985 before declining sharply to around 19% five years later and it continued decrease substantially to under 10% in 2000. Similarly, the visitors came to Pavilion suffered from gradual decrease to 30% in 2010 after seeing a slight development from approximately 23% in 1980 to 28% in 1985 and reaching a peak at roughly 50% in 1995, becoming the most attractive destination.
    In 1980, the percentage of people visit to Pier varied between 10% and roughly 18% from 1980 to 1995, and then this figure remained stable at the same level before plunging to more than 20% in 2010. The most prevalent attraction in Brighton in 1980 was the festival, at exactly 30%. However, this experienced a mild drop to 25% in 1995 and slight rise to around 28%, then it stayed at the same level throughout 2010

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    Please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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