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    The line graph illustrates the average annual amount of money spending on mobile phone and home from 2001 to 2010.
    Overall, a constant increase was seen in average annual expenditures on cell phone, in contrast to a gradual decline in that of residential phone services.
    In 2001, the average spending on cell phone was only $200 per year, compared to approximately $700 per year on home phone. Nevertheless in 2006, consumers in US expended on the two types of phone equally, in the vincity of $550.
    In addition from 2006 onwards, there was a marked trend that people in US spent money on mobile phone more than home phone. Specifically, in 2010 around $750 was used in cell phone, nearly 4 times greater than the initial number. By contrast, it was only approximately $400 spent on residential phone serices, a drop of roughly $300 compared with the figure in 2001.

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