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Line Graph-Bill Nguyen 2106

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    Line graph

    The line graph illustrates the number of international tourists going to three destinations of an European countries between 1987 and 2007.

    Overall,it is clear that all three locations were visited by more and more tourists over the period shown.However,the number of tourists visiting the series 3 was by far the lowest of three nations.

    From 1987 to 1992,there was a small decrease in the number of visitors from abroad went to the coast,while the figures for the lake-the mountain and the series 3 witnessed an incline to 25 thousands.In the next 10 years,The number of tourists paid a visit to the lake-the mountain started gathering pace and scoring an impressive rise until reaching a peak of over 70 thousand in 2002.This was similar to the figure for the coast ,where the foreign visitors going to increased sharply to over 60 thousand visitors,whereas the number going to the series 3 relatively fluctuated between 20 and 30 thousand tourists
    Throughout the remainder of the period, there was a gradually decline in the number of international visitors going to the lake-mountain,and this finally reached a figure of nearly 65 thousand in 2007.Similarly,that of the coast also saw a small incline in before falling sharply,and reaching a final figure of about 55 thousand.In constrast, the number of visitors from abroad going to the series 3 rose steadily to over 30 thousand.
    (227 words)

    * Approximately band scores on Task Achievement(TA), Coherence and Cohesion(CC), Lexical Resources (LR), Grammar Range and Accuracy (GRA)
    o (TA)
    o Did I cover,present and highlight and illustrate key features /bullet points clearly and appropirately?
    # Does it focus on the important trends presented in the graphic information?
    o Did I cover the requirements of the task?
    # Does it meet the word limit requirements?
    # Does it describe the whole graph adequately?
    o (coherence)
    o Did I organize information clearly and logically? What do you think? (commment)
    o Did I use paraphrases sufficiently? And appropriately? (wrong->reason -> your Suggestions)
    o Does it include connective words to make the writing cohesive within sentences and paragraphs?
    o (Lexical resources)
    o Did I used a wide range of vocabulary? Is it fluently,smoothly and percisely enough to get band 8.0?
    o How can I add more uncommon words into my reports to rise my bandscore even higher? Did I use any uncommon words unappropriated? (suggestions)
    o Does it include a variety of sentence structures?
    o Does it include a range of appropriate vocabulary?
    o (Grammar)
    o How about the structures I used? Is it correct? (wrong->reason why? Suggestions)

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