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Local history vs world history ver 2

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    Practice 21: It is more important for schoolchildren to learn about local history than world history. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Teaching history for schoolchildren has constantly been a heated topic. There is a common belief that local history is more important to children than world history. However, I disagree with this notion as both of them are equally essential for young learners.
    On the one hand, studying the history of their homeland is a dispensable part of school’s curriculum during students’early education. Firstly, having a deeper insight into regional history helps children to promote a sense of patriotism. In fact, Viet Nam had suffered thousand years of being dominated along with hunger, oppression and exploitation; however, these former generations devoted their entire life to defending their land against outside invaders to reclaim sovereignty. By dint of understanding the great sacrifices of their ancestors, children will increasingly take pride in their origin as well as traditional values. Additionally, children will treasure the life in freedoom, peace and independence today.
    On the other hand, teachers should not underestimate the importance of world history. First, it is necessary to relate the local historical events with corresponding world conditions so that students can have a thorough knowledge about history. For instance, when studying about the liberation of Vietnam under the lead of the Communist Party, it is vital to acknowledge that the October revolution in Russia and the Marxism ideology paved the way for Ho Chi Minh to liberate Vietnam. Furthermore, since the world has become more integrated, knowing the history of other countries is beneficial for children for their future job. Certainly, these foreign employers will always highly appreciate candidates who show keen interests in their company culture.
    In conclusion, I believe the significance of national and international history cannot be brought into comparison to see which one is more necessary because they have distinctive significance to children.
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