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    [7/9/2018, 10:18:57 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    The given diagram compares the current layout of the floor of an art gallery with a plan to redesign the same demonstrating space.
    major changes will be seen in the main area of the floor, with more space being used for exhibition purpose. Moreover, the outside structure of the art gallery will remain relatively unchanged, except for a new entrance set up.
    It is readily apparent that at present, visitors enter the building by walking through the lobby leading to the exhibition area. However, with the proposed plan, visitors will proceed directly to the area thanks to the construction of the new entrance. The exhibition space will also be extended with the total area being doubled due to the conversion of two temporary exhibition areas.
    Meanwhile, the current lobby and office areas will be demolished in order to save room for the establishment of a new education and storage areas. It is noticeable that an area which is left abandoned at the moment will be utilized for the erection of a new Special exhibition space and an Exhibition storage room, which is next to the stairway.

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    Please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks a lot :)

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    – I notice that ” it is readily apparently” is used by many teacher to describe ” it is clear that, can you confirm b/c it’s quite different from what you explained to me?

    – If the world proceed cannot be used here, which word should be used? as i notice that there are some cases in listening part people use “proceed to a place”, please help confirm this?

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    – For the first confusion of the phrase ‘it is readily apparent’, it is used to describe a very obvious or undeniable fact in reality/in real life. For example, you have a friend for a very long time, and you understand him well by looking at his facial expression when he intends to do something. You can say ‘it is readily apparent that he makes pancakes for breakfast’ (he always makes pancakes for breakfast, or you see he mixes flour with eggs and is about to pour the mixture on the pan). In the map, you can observe the facility there, but you cannot sure about its accuracy. You need further research before confirming the existence or change of the facility.

    – For the second confusion, as I have explained, ‘proceed’ means ‘continue doing something from the previous activity’. You have already done something, and then you continue to do something else. ‘proceed to a place’ means that ‘you have already been or introduced in one place, and then you will move to another place for sightseeing or outdoor activities for example’.
    ‘First, we visit the parking area. Next, we will proceed to the main hall of the art gallery’.
    However, in your report, we don’t know which place the visitors have visited before moving to the next area. Regarding the alternatives, I have already suggested in the comment, so you can refer to the comment for the specific alternative phrase. Also, if you still want to use ‘proceed’, you can clarify the meaning by using ‘proceed to X from Y’.

    Perhaps you will find it difficult to use English phrases now, but native speakers don’t care much about the accurate use in speaking cause they can ask to confirm the information. The rules mainly matter for academic literature, papers, or journals. So, I can say it’s still safe to use ‘it is readily apparent’ in IELTS. Anyway, please excuse me if my explanations in the Word file aren’t clear enough. I cannot explain all of these things in one comment, but point out the main points only.

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    I got it, thank you so much :)

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    If I use it is readily apparent in pie, line etc., is it ok?

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    Yes, it’s ok in that case as the line chart records something that happens in the past (It is the fact).

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