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    Topic: The diagram shows the changes that have taken place at West Park
    Secondary School since its construction in 1950.


    The maps illustrate how a secondary school called West Part developed swift
    during a 60-year period, from 1950 to 2010. It is clear that the West Park
    Secondary School changed considerably over the period shown, with the
    demolition of accommodation and land for agriculture to make away for the
    enlargement of school facilities.

    Between 1950 to 1980, while houses were demolished to give away to a car
    park and a science block next to the main building, the farmland was
    deconstructed to make away for sports area. In contrast, the school and
    playground remained unchanged through the period of 30 years.

    By 2010, one of the noticeable points is that the main building and science
    block had been existed unchanged. However, there were changes in the
    amenities of school. The car park was widened significantly and replaced
    totally the area of the sports field. On the other hand, the playground was
    reduced in size being replaced a part of the area for the purpose of the
    sports field.

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