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Media and crime

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    The detailed description about crime will affect the people and cause many social problems. Some people say that the media should be strictly controlled. Do you agree or disagree?
    Recent decades have seen an increasing number of criminals and the crime-related issues have been globally controversial. I agree with the assertion that the government should give priority on monitoring the media due to the negative points it causes to the perception of residents. Personally, the advantages as well as the drawbacks of the media in the fight against crime are as follows.
    On the one hand, this kind of transmitting information has several positive effects to the society that need to be taken into consideration. The new law imposed by the government will be widely announced and appeared in every breaking news program, thanks to the development of television and radio. This means that illegal actions such as not wearing helmet when driving motorbike can be significantly diminished, lessening the number of people who unintentionally commit a crime. Moreover, the status of crime in country will be expressed immediately on the televisions, attracting the citizens’ attention and therefore making them more cautious about what is happening right outside their houses.
    On the other hand, the awareness of some people could be negatively affected in some cases by the media and I strongly believe that it should be strictly managed. For instance, the explanation of how recent prisoners impressively escaped from one of the most secure prison in Mexico has been debated among the residents, and this debated news has seriously implanted in the perception of some people who nurture the similar plan. Hence, controlling what will be appeared in the breaking news is important for the sake of non-criminal society.
    By ways of conclusion, although the media plays a key role in the fight against crime, I would reaffirm that the content appeared on the telecommunication devices should be monitored by the authorities.

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