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    [7/12/2018, 12:35:33 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    A lot of media, including newspaper, magazines, television, radio and even the Internet are publishing stories of people’s private lives. Should this practice be banned?
    It is sometimes argued that with the growth of many forms of media such as newspaper, magazines, television and the Internet, it seems away exposing stories of people’s private lives. Although many support the opinion that this practice should be made illegal, I personally believe that the authority should implemented more methods reducing this issue rather than disappearing it.
    On the one hand, there are many convincing explanations why some media need prohibiting. First and foremost, it affect significantly on people’s lives in general and some celebrities in particular. To be more specific, with the rapid development of technology, people tend to post pictures or rumours about famous people into social media, which having a serious influence on other’s privacy. Secondly, giving too much concern to “virtual” life will lead to the lose of real emotions or real awareness. They feel that exposing one’s private life is just normal action and don’t need to care about it.
    On the other hand, people with a contrasting viewpoint maintain that media like magazines, newspaper or radio are advantage to us. Initially, reading daily newspaper will assist people to exchange the latest information about every corner of the world and in the country as a whole. In other words, media give us live information, recent events, among many others. Another angle can be found in the fact that media is considered as a great way to support children in study field. For instance, students who do research can collect a variety of relevant information full-filling their tasks. Also, listening to radio when driving might give drivers relaxed moments as well as an useful stuff for traffic times.
    To conclude, while media in recent years have brought many disadvantages to people’s privacy, I still hold a firm belief that the mass media will very helpful when people know to use it in proper ways.

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    I hope you will review it as straightforward as possible and give me an exact band, so that I can know my actual ability. Thank you^^

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    Kindly check!

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      Cho em hỏi là mình có được dùng từ “among many others” cho nghĩa là “etc” được không ạ? Vì em từng được một giáo viên dạy là trong một bài essay thì không được dùng từ “etc” mà thay thế nó bằng từ “among many others”. Cám ơn anh/chị a.

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