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Mobile phone – Advantage/Disadvantage

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    Essay topics: Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in our daily lives

    There is little room for doubt about the convenience brought by mobile phones. However, when it comes to its side effects on people and the public, there is an ongoing debate. I am convinced that the advantages of cell phone overshadow disadvantages in some key areas.
    The downsides of smartphone usage are widely acknowledged. Firstly, the media usually criticizes smartphone as a source of continuous distractions. Pop-up notifications from social media apps prevent people from focusing on the task at hand. Moreover, most office workers check their email constantly throughout the day to stay on top of their work, even when they are at home. Secondly, smartphone notoriously degrade social interactions because strangers in public places typically play with their phones rather than talking to others.
    On the other side, the advent of smartphones transformed human lives radically. These gadgets connect people with each other regardless the distant. For instance, family members could video call with their loved ones when they are away. Furthermore, people always stay connected with their friends and family members for support when needed. Meanwhile, cell phone ascribes to the increase of productivity in the recent decades. Employees could work from any location in a modern workplace. They could check email in the subway on the way to work to log more work hours. In addition, smart phone apps with artificial intelligent support us to organize our schedule and meetings to save our time. To illustrate, my calendar app could suggest me the best time to set up a meeting based on the availability of all attendees.
    In sum, smart phones have been advancing our civilization in a progressive way, even though it bring about undesirable effects.

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