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Modern transportation methods

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    Modern transportation methods. Problems and ‘possible solutions in the next century’

    Over the past decades, the modernization, globalization has become under fire around the world and spark controversy to general public derived from the wide variety of prevailing transportation. Some adopt a view that these novel means would have its advantages totally outweigh its harms; however, i side there are myriad drawback that we need to confront with. The discussed essay below attempted to address the matters and my solutions indicating toward this issue.
    Firstly, one point which is considered to be absolutely pivotal that the instability of new technologies and unknown risk when operating in gain currency. Latest statistics and reports demonstrated that prevailing means of transportation need at least several years experiment in labs in order to conclude safe for general public. In stark contrast, there is a dramatic differences between testing environment and reality. A typical instance for this problem is the Samsung Galaxy 7 mobile phone, which has been withdraw and compensate in global scale due to its explosion posed by technical battery errors.
    Secondly, equally importantly, the opportunity cost switching to new transportation resort would be extremely high, which may not affordable, acceptable by majority of population. As a result, the producers, manufacturers would face deficit in revenue, which lead to shortage in reinvestment for further improvement. A highlight story of Tesla pioneering in automotive industry could be taken as a particular salient example of this method. Tesla are facing huge demand for efficiently and effectively capital usage in reinvestment.
    Notwithstanding mentioned argument, it is not to be said that does not have some possible solutions. Needless to say, at the heart of the true matter, the local authorities could impose handsome incentive and good compensation to corporations developing these state-of-art means. As a result, this would lighten the financial pressure on companies, lower the cost of goods sold therefore having quicker cash flow.
    In conclusion, modern transportation methods does have problems to social aspect and inhabitants’ positions. Not only does it content wide range of risks in operating but also less likelihood that the majority would accept. Yet, the administrations could become a helping hand, limited the risks which may occur.

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