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Money spend on books

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    The line graph makes a comparison of the expenditure on books in different countries on the period of 10 years starting from 1995.
    As can be seen from the graph, there was an increase in the spending on books over the 10 years period in four countries, and the people in Germany spent on books more than another.
    In 1995, $80 million was spent on books in Germany. The figures for France and Germany has not much different than Germany in 1995, at $55 million and $50 million, respectively, whereas the figure for Austria has lowest at just $30 million.
    The amount of money spent on books in Germany fluctuated around 80$ million and 100$ million on the period between 1995 and 2005. This reached a peak of almost $100 million in 2005. On the same period of 10 years, there was a steady increase in the expenditure on books in France, and this finally reached $75 million in 2005. The figure for Austria has similar with France, where the money spent rose sharply from $40 million in 2001 to $72 million in 2005. In Italy, spending on books rose moderately during 10 years, taking the highest point at $60 million in 2005

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