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Mùng 7/7 mình thi, nếu được sửa cho mình sớm nhé.

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    [16:32:29, 5/7/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!


    People often argue about whether visitors to warehouses of exhibits such as museums should be charged or not. Personally, I believe that entrance fees should be applied for those sites due to several reasons.
    To begin with, management boards will not have financial sources to renovate museums without admission. Nomarlly, public buildings like museums are maintained and redesigned by the public’s funds. However, in economic downturns as we are suffering nowadays, governments are likely to put other social welfare programs associated with health and education as their priorities, hence there are very few investments flowing into galleries. However, those buildings need financial aids to make them more attractive to visitors buy applying technological advancements for example. By contrast, if all museums are free of charge, they will become boring due to the lack of investments and renovation. Another consequence is that while other recreation facilities such as clubs or shopping malls are increasingly developed to fascinate clients, if museums do not have any change, they will lose their appeal.
    In addition, if museums can be visited at no cost, people can have an idea that they are tedious and worthless, which is a common psychology of humans. In comparison with other entertainment places such as theme parks or cinemas where attendants are often required to pay an amount of money for their entrance, free places can make people bear a common thought that those places will offer less enjoyment. The reason is that consumers often judge the value of a product or service buy its price.
    In conclusion, I am convinced that charging admission will do wonders for the development of museums since it is a vital financial source which is used to invest in those sites.

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    Good luck with your coming exam :)

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