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    The two graphs show the total figures for people visiting to Ashdown Museum and their attitudes during the period before and after the redecoration.
    Overall, museum preservation apparently leads to good responses from visitors, with the upward trend in total number of people coming and attitudes towards the refurbishment.
    In detail, prior to the redecoration, Ashdown Museum attracted a number of 74000 visitors, with the percentage of only 30% of them feel pleased with the condition of this place. By contrast, the proportion of being dissatisfied and even worse indicated by the surveys comprised exactly half of the result, with 40% for those who did not express good feelings and 10% for those who were extremely dissatisfied with Ashdown Museum.
    On the contrary, after refurbishment, the total figure for people coming to Ashdown Museum has significantly increased to 92000. The percentage of satisfied feelings has eventually dominated and surpassed that of unpleased ones, with 40% and 35% respectively for those who response positively and those who feel extremely good with the maintenance. However, there is 5% of visitors still finding the refurbishment extremely unsatisfactory. Besides, the proportion of those who have no response remain unchanged during the given period, at precisely 5%.

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