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    People have differing about how to raise discipline for children. Although some people believe that this item should be educated by teachers; meanwhile, the others suppose that parents can address this issue. I prefer combining both of these opinions.
    Teacher are trained to be skillful in order to aiding children obtain knowledge. Therefore, many people believe that their kids are going to be taught well at school. Moreover, some busy parents , who have to work hard, are too tired to educate their kids. Hence, besides the attempt to impart knowledge to pupils, teacher have to teach them the way to be strict with themselves. But, it is mean less if students just pretend to be rigorous at school because of fearing teachers ; and, students can be indulgent at home without teachers’ observation.
    Otherwise, most of children’ time is at home, which means this time can affects them enormously. Moreover, parents always want their kids to be successful, and discipline is one of the most important criteria for fruitful results. Hence, it is extremely necessary for parents to spend their time on educating and forcing their children to acquainted with doing the thing kids dislike, such as doing homework before watching TV ; unless, they will allow to watch. That will be hard for the first time ; but, for the next times, it will be easier for students. Finally, when being discipline with themselves become habits, this will never annoy kids anymore, which is extremely good for pupils to not only performing well at school but also acquiring achievement.
    In conclusion, students can be affected easily by their environment. Indeed, it will be comprehensively great if teacher can cooperate with parents to lead children to be self-discipline .

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    Discipline is an ever increasing problem in modern schools. Some people think that discipline should be the responsibilities of teachers, while other thinks this is role of parents.

    Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

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    [6/13/2018, 11:25:13 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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