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    From my personal view, students dislike homework because it is such a burden to them. However, there are many people suppose that unless students must do extra exercises, they will get bad mark at school. While I believe that this may suit for many students but I do believe that pupils should not be given homework everyday.
    From the one side, doing extra exercises brings students many benefits. Firstly, some students study well at home in a silent space. So, it is easier for them to concentrate on doing exercises and try to understand it by their minds’ languages. Secondly, doing homework is a great way to revise knowledge about the lesson that they have studied. Because when pupils do homework, they have to try to remember the memory about the lesson. Hence, they can learn by heart many formulas, theorems in some science subjects such as math, physic, naturally , without difficulty .
    From the other side, knowledge not only exist at school through exercises or teachers’ words but also exist on daily life, where people can learn many things through experiences and situations such as life skill. In contrast, school education account most of pupils’ time, even when they are at home. Likewise, if they do not have enough time for daily life , they can not learn anything from it .Moreover, students can be overwhelmed by academic knowledge . For instance, in order to finish my homework, I must concentrate on doing it despite my friend’s birthday party, where I can relax after long day studying.
    To sum up, I think it is wise to combine both of these ways to be successful in life. In order to get this, students should be given homework whenever they think it nessecsary.

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