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    Recently, educating method in some schools has been changed from traditional exams to continuous assessment. Personally, I entirely agree with this idea that students can approach education well by using continuous assessment.
    I believe that this trend will brings students benefits enormously. First of all, it is suitable for individual students because we can estimate students’ scholastic competence exactly through their effort as well as the advancement of learning during school year. While traditional exams require many tests in the short time, which can lead students to learn parrot- fashion or even cheating to performing well at school. Otherwise, evaluating students over school year can also give children time to analyze their mistake and understand the lesson clearly , which can lead knowledge come into their long term-memory.
    On the other hand, continuous assessment aid children to understand themselves. In particular, in order to get fruitful results , students have to defeat themselves in yesterday, overcome the laziness, procrastination and other bad things. Therefore, they will notice that the only enemy of their life, the dangerous one is themselves. Hence, they will aware of their abilities and their own determination for studying, then getting better results. Moreover, students will not feel jealous of others’ success because they have recognized their value through the process of striving. Thus, they know that they deserve to have the reward no matter how it look like. Finally, they will believe themselves and become a confident person.
    In conclusion, continuous assessment affect not only at studying results but also at students’ trust. Both of them are really essential for students to performing well at school and life.

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