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    [6/28/2018, 2:01:06 PM] Cám ơn các bạn!


    Some people think it is better for children to grown up in the city, while others think that life in the countryside is more suitable for them. What are the advantages and disadvantages of both places?

    It is often argued that people should spend their childhood in urban. Meanwhile, some people believe that rural should be the best place for children to grow up.
    There are several reasons of why being a citizen from infancy bring benefit enormously. Firstly, kids can approach education well with high quality teachers and modern facilities. Indeed, they can obtain some outstanding achievements or academic knowledge in the best condition. Secondly, parents have a wide range of job opportunities, which can provide them the wish salary as well as the stable life. However, the cost of living in urban is higher than rural, which can lead people to stress. In addition, the pace of city life is rush, therefore, parents usually occupy themselves in working. Hence, they do not have enough time to not only share their kids’ stories but also educate kids some essential skills such as self-discipline or the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.
    In spite of the advantages of living in city, rural provide children a great place to grow up. As, people who live in countryside are both friendly and honest, which is really good for kids to imitate. For example, inhabitants know each other clearly, thus people can aid their neighbor when they have some troubles like being robbed. Furthermore, rural is full of wide landscape, which allow children to discover the world as freely as possible. On the other hand, some essential services may not be repaired well like hospitals are too far to go, internet is not as popular as the city.
    In conclusion, living in city provide children a bright future but lack of some childhood’s memories with their parents, while, kids grow up in rural can freely enjoy their infancy despite some difficulties on infrastructure as well as facility.

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    [6/29/2018, 7:18:27 AM] Cám ơn các bạn!

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    Bạn ơi sao \”benefits enormously\” lại k đc v ? Hôm trc có bạn sửa bài cho mình v mà ?

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    Chào bạn,

    Trong bài viết bạn dùng “bring benefit enormously”, trong trường hợp benefit là danh từ thì nên sử dùng tính từ để bổ nghĩa cho danh từ (như 1 noun phrase.) ==> bring enormous benefits
    Nếu bạn muốn dùng “enormously” như là trạng từ, thì “benefit” nên được dùng như động từ (ko cần đến “bring”) ==> benefit (sb/sth) enormously

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    “Scientists predict that humans will speak the same language in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?”

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    V là k nên sửa bài ???

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