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    The bar chart illustrates data on the CO2 emissons from 4 main groups of transport. Besides, the table compares the percentage of traveller. These infomations were surveyed in Houston, Texas.
    Overall, car made the highest contribution in the table and bar chart. By contrast, cycle and walk was the least significant part of CO2 emissions and the amount of people used .
    In particular, car held 48% travellers per form of transport for single less common with 11% for more than 1 person using car. The average age of people who joined this transport was not much, between 43 and 44 years old. Meanwhile, the amount of citizens used cycled or walk was 33 ages than bus or train. In terms of average age using transport, bus and train made the oldest at 47 years old, the youngest who at 39 preferred walking and cycling.
    The amount of CO2 emissions of car driver only was quadruple time as high as car with 4 people nearly 0.32 kg/person/km compared approximately 0.08 kg/person/km. Contrastingly, the amount of CO2 emission of cycled or walk was zero. Under 0.01 kg/person/km was the figure using public transport.

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