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    Some people think that children who spend a lot of time reading children’s story books are wasting their time which could be better used doing other more useful activities.
    To what extent do you agree ?
    It is considered that kids should spend their time on some practical activities instead of reading books almost time. I am completely agree with this idea.
    There are variety reasons why children love reading fairy tales or comics. Firstly, I believe that the world in books is one of the best place where children can freely release their imagination with colorful views or cute characters. For example, when I was a little girl , I was used to dreaming about the fantastic cloudy world in Doremon vol 12. How amazing it is. Secondly, there are many kinds of good manners, behaviours they can learn from characters, such as helping the old man come across or be a good friend, dare to admit their mistake.
    Apart from the practical benefit, expressed above, I believe that there are also some drawback. Likewise, book is a tool for kids in order to help them discover the world. Children should explore this beautiful life by themselves throughout some activities such as riding bike cylce or some team games like football,… If kid learn about warm-hearted throughout books and they don not use it in the real world, these good behaviours will not happen. Moreover, taking part in social activity can lead them to have more friends and develop their communicative ability. On the other hand, children’s health can be improved too. For instance, if a boy joins in a football team, his physical health can be also improved without parents’concern.
    To sum up, while book help children grow their mental health with stories, children can raise their physical health throughout some activities. In order to growing up fully, kids should be participated in not only reading but also activities.

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