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    Some people decided to start their own business instead of working for a company or organisation. Do the advantages for people working for their own business outweigh the disadvantages.
    Nowadays, there are more and more people want to work for themselves despite the difficulty they meet in the beginning. Working for a company or organization is safe but that is not enough for ambitious people who intend to risk their occupation for a better life.
    On the one hand, getting many troubles in the beginning is a familiar story for people who want to have any achievements. Firstly, that person have to learn the way to persuade people around them in order to have strong finance so they will not bankrupt their own company. Secondly, the more relationship they have the better opportunity they get. Therefore, widen relationship is a essential for successful entrepreneur. Thirdly, to be a good leader, there are excessive things to learn. For example, learning the way to communicate with lazy employees, picky customers and manage almost everything. Overcome these problem will make people`s business more firmly.
    On the other hand, everything comes with a price. If people come of well or not. That still the memorable experiment on their life. From that, they live independently , determine their goal. Having a better view of any problems, to be more mature.
    In conclusion, being fail is not as scary as do not dare to do anything. Life is full of experiment will lead us to a fulfilling life. After falling we learn a lot of lessons that school do not teach. Just stand up and keep going with high determine, achievement will come.

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    please kindly check my notes here, and feel free to leave comments if you have any questions. thanks a lot :)

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