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    Scientific research should be carried out and controlled by the governments rather than private companies. Do you agree or disagree?

    Many people argue that scientific studies should be conducted by government authorities rather than government authorities.Personally,I totally agree with this idea.

    On the one hand,there are two main reasons why private companies should not share the responsibility of conducting research with goverment.Firstly,when a companies allocate their money for doing something,they need to make the most out of it in order to maximize their profit. So,instead of giving the authentic results from these experiments,they would distorse and take advantage of it to improve their reputation.As a result,the results might be flawed. Secondly,Despite of the fact that big enterprises have a huge financial resource to do experiments,it will be the questions of ethical research. A lot of private laboratories are funded by international corporations to conduct researched studies involved to nutrition ingredient or the impacts of them on human.For example,in the “Super Size Me” documentary film,which have make a clear declare that all of Mac Donald’s experiments are just strategies to enhance its public images,even though all of their fast food has a significant harmful impact on human’s immune system.

    On the other hand,apart from practical disadvantages expressed above,I believe that government have to responsible for conducting important scientific results,especially those would impact on environment and human’s health.One reason is that,almost public universities have enough resources and equipments to carry out even the most sophisticated researches. Because the results produced by leading institutions, which the vast majority of people can put their trust into.Secondly,some aspects of scientific will benefits greatly to humanity that should be prioritized by authorities.According to a Harvard research,by 2050,approximately 60% of electric all around the world will be generated by renewable energy such as solar energy,nuclear and so on. Therefore,Vietnamese goverment should spend money on carrying those experiments.

    In conclusion,for the reasons I have mentioned above ,I strongly believe that scientific studies should be conducted by governments instead of companies.
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