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    Today moe people are overweight than ever before?What in your opinion are the primary causes of this ? What measures can be taken to overcome this epidemic ?
    Overweight people now are outnumbered than ever before due to various reasons in the age of fast food industry . The compelling justification for this issue shall be analyzed while feasible solutions are taken to mitigate the numbers of diabete patients .
    There are two predominant indications resulting in overweight phenomenon . There is a wide acceptance that eating unhealthy food has been triggering people becoming fat . It is due to the fact that since there are so much fast food with reasonable price so people replace their regular meals by fast food . This issue is also attributed to not getting enough daily excercise . The evident for this is that people nowadays do not have enough time to work out due to the huge amount of work they have , while students are playing video games instead of going outside . Therefore , it is no doubt that people are getting overweight .
    The key to this issue would be achieved by the government with ease . To restrict people from eating fast food , the government can impose a higher tax on these kind of food . By this approach , people will find it more inconvenient to afford junk food so that they would stop eating these unhealthy food . Possibly , this problem can be addressed by school . The school should encourage pupils to do sports , and organise sports events for students to participate in so that the students can work out healthily .
    In conclusion , it is apparent that there are various reasons why people are getting more fat , and steps need to be taken to tackle this problem .

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