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    1. How do you feel about advertisements?
    As in the past I studied Marketing so I don’t mind when watching ads. Some advertisements give useful information or some time they make me laugh through silly sentences. If the situation happened, I just change the channel or click pass ads button.
    2. Are there many advertisements in your country?
    The amount of advertising in our country as much as any developed countries. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing or hearing some kind of marketing programs. But actually, the quality and content of the ads are not really good.
    3. What are the various places where we see advertisements?
    Nowadays, we easy to see advertisements everywhere through media platforms such as TV, newspapers or the web; ads also take on some physical forms such as billboards, standees, marketing campaign in mall or even in public restroom.
    4. Why do you think there are so many advertisements now?
    More and more companies are joining the business, the competition is on the rise, and advertising will help consumers remember the image of the manufacturer. As more and more advertising, it will be more deeply in the minds of consumers
    5. What kind of advertisements do you like the most?
    I love watching the advertisements which have some story behind, and especially if the actor in the ads is more beautiful or handsome more attracted me.
    6. Do advertisements influence your choice about what to buy?
    Yes, they do, for example, with home appliances, advertising helps me get more information about the usage, the price, and I easily find the place where I can buy them. However with great value items or cosmetics, I need to more information from internet.
    7. Do you think advertising plays an important role in today’s world?
    In my opinion, advertising is the way to bring products closer to consumers, through Advertising customers come to know about the pricing, quality, features, quantity and so on
    8. What sorts of advertisements leave the deepest impression on people?
    In my opinion, I think that the advertisements which have some story behind will easily get more empathy and memorization of the consumer.

    1. Do you know how to ride a bicycle?
    Yes, of course, I love cycling. When I was in high school, I used to ride my bicycle to school every day, but now I prefer ride scooter. I know It is not build up my health but it save my time.
    2. How old were you when you first learned to ride a bicycle?
    When I was 10 year olds. My father brought a red bicycle and taught me how to ride. I failed some times but after that I tried again and learn how to keep balance and control the bicycle.
    learn how to keep balance and control the bicycle.
    3. Are bicycles popular in Vietnam?
    Yes, definitely, Vietnam is still the country of two-wheel vehicles so bikes and motorbikes are still pretty popular here. However, people are switching to cars nowadays and that is why we may see less bicycles then before.

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