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Pie Chart + Table chart

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    The pie chart indicates why productive land using for agriculture reduced. The table chart mentions the way these reasons regionally affected in 1990s, including three areas: North America, Europe and Oceania.
    It is obviously that over-grazing mainly influenced the degradation of field all over the world, standing at 35%, while deforestation and over-cultivation accounted for around one third. Other factors just involved less than 10%.
    Analysing the second chart, Europe’s agricultural land is affected the most, which was over one-fifth, resulting by a half by logging, one third by the excessive farming and 5,5% by over-grazing. On the contrary, tree-cutting just made a significantly small proportion of degrading land in North America but too much cropping led to the reduction of over a half of useful land in the total of 5%. It appeared to be that the main North America’s degradation factor did not matter the Australia and New Zealand at all. However, nearly the whole South Pacific islands’ agricultural land was made less productive by farming excessively.

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    [11:48:42, 11/1/2018] Cám ơn các bạn!

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      Mình muốn hỏi bạn về bài writing task 1: như mình không liệt kê đủ tất cả số liệu được cho trong đề vì mình chưa biết cách viết cho phù hợp, vậy thì có bị trừ điểm không bạn? Có cách diễn đạt nào để nêu rõ đầy đủ không bạn? Hay như bài viết của mình nêu vài số liệu tiêu biểu là được?

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