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Prisoners – Talkers ???

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    Some people who have been in prison become good citizens later. Some people think that having these people to give a talk to school students is the best way to tell them about dangers of committing a crime. Do you agree or disagree?
    Many people believe that those who eventually turned out to be good citizens after being imprisoned are able to raise students’ awareness against dangers of breaking the law illegally. To what extent, I partly agree with this belief for the following reasons.
    On the one hand, it is true that prisoners are those who truly understand about the punishment waiting for them when they commit a crime. This is because prisoners have already experienced miserable lives in dark rooms under controlled of the authority. Besides, they know the feeling of being ashamed and heartbreak of their families when they are arrested. Therefore, their speeches contain real emotion and lessons that are easy to win students’ hearts.
    On the other hand, having them as talkers may not be the right choice in some cases. Firstly, there might be some misunderstandings about the case of those prisoners. They return to normal life safe and sound after committing crimes, which raises in students’ minds a belief of being alright to go against the law one time. Secondly, students’ attitudes towards those prisoners are likely to negatively influenced the effectiveness of the message. Although convicts are good citizens now, it is impossible to change the fact that they used to be criminals. As a result, students are unlikely to take their words.
    In conclusion, I believe that prisoners who have changed positively are good speakers to educate people who are open-minded enough to accept them, possibly some but not all students, not to commit crimes.

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