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Profit-making companies

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    Some people think that good health is very important to every person, so medical
    service should not be run by profit-making companies. Do the advantages of private health
    care outweigh the disadvantages?

    Before people carry out every mission of their own life, they must assure that they have good health to have the highest performance of their jobs. Profit-making companies which are currently important agents to run medical service have several downsides and some opinions argued they should be banned. Although having any disadvantages, profit-making companies, in my opinion, play important advanced roles which can outweigh their downsides.
    In the first hand, running medical services using profit-making companies has several downsides but these disadvantages can be limited and controlled by governments. The first disadvantage which can easily found is that many profit-making companies tend to increase the price of medicals to expand their own income. For example, in 2008, Chinese companies which manufactory and sell Tamiflu medicine, a type important medical for people who get sick caused by H5N1 virus, tend to increase their drugs price and cause H5N1 virus victims pay more and more money to save their life. A second disadvantage that we can see easily is that some profit-making companies give “free drugs”, which is just researching drugs, to people in third-world countries to carry out their experiment and survey about the medical effect of drugs. For example, several medical companies in Europe choose to give drugs, which drugs they are researching, to war victims in some countries in Africa to have a survey about medical nature of their drugs, it is extremely dangerous for the heath of victims and it is also an ethic scandal. Nevertheless, these disadvantages of profit-making company ways to run medical service can be controlled and limited by well policies of governments.
    In the second hand, running medical services using profit-making companies also have several advantages that can help to improve the quality of human life. Firstly, in some countries where have any politic problems, such as wars is happening or corruption in government’s medical services, become serious problems. For instance, in some Africa countries where wars are still existed, governments have no chance to transport medical to citizens, the profit-making drug companies become an acceptable solution to resolve the problem. Secondly, the existence of several profit-making companies can make medical markets become more and more competitive and the result is the benefit of customers. For example, in 2008, there are several companies which have patents to manufactory Tamiflu, these companies must compete to each other to produce more effective and cheaper drugs and H5N1 victims can have many chances to choose a type of Tamiflu drugs which is the most adaptable to them.
    In conclusion, although having any downsides which must be resolved in the future, the advantages of private health care can outweigh the disadvantages. In my opinion, governments must have better policies to limit downsides of profit-making companies to help their own citizens have better heath and life quality.

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