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Proposal to choose the location of new coffee area.

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    Proposal to choose the location of new coffee area.
    The trade union has investigated the possibility of using either an unused storeroom or an unused office.This proposal looks at the differences between two options.
    Since the majority of staff just wants to separate coffee area, they are pleased with both suggested locations. The storeroom is small with no windows which. The office, on the other hand, is spacious as well as full of natural light. According to the survey among our employees, there are some people take a view that natural light is totally important for effective working. Although it does not have running water, we could contact the building service in order to fit up the system in the course of the day. They would give us discount as our company is their loyal customer. Finally, a key difference is that capacious place of the unused office enables us to arrange monthly meetings in a more comfortable space compare to the old room we are using. In contrast, the storeroom hardly has any room for seating.
    All staff indicated that the storeroom is convenient for them, while they are concerned about what if the manager could overhear conversations because the unused office is near his one. However, as a person who was in charge of designing the bureau, I know that the office of the manager is soundproofed. As a result, they do not need to worry about it.
    The expense for renovating the unused office is more expensive, but the contingency fund of company labor union will help offset the cost. Now is the end of the year and it is still in promotion period; therefore, the union can afford tables and chairs with reasonable price. A further point in relation to cost is that the coffee shop in the ground floor of our building is going to change its facilities to the latest one; hence, they agreed to leave a good espresso machine and water cooker for us with low price.
    Although the unused office has no running water and as well be cheap in reconditioning as the storeroom, it is thought to be the most suitable selection for new coffee area thanks to enthusiastic support of the trade union. Furthermore, the commodious space allows staff not only has place for relaxing but also for comfortable meetings. I recommend that we select the unused office as the location for the company’s new coffee area.

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    I assume this is an essay for IELTS writing task 1. However, the structure is quite different, so could you please provide specific question for this task so that I can correct in an accurate way?

    Thank you!

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