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    The table below provides information on rental charges and salaries in three areas of London.
    Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

    Given in the table the comparison of three different areas of London in terms of their rental charges and incomes.
    Overall, 3-beds room is the most popular kinds of rental accomodation in all regions. On the other side, the largest number of rooms rented as same as the highest income is belong to Notting Hill.
    As can be seen from the table, 375 1-bed rooms are leased in Notiing Hill while this number in Regent’s Park and Fulham is 50 and 150 lower respectively. Consequently, the amount of money received from lenting 1-bed rooms of Notting Hill is the highest of the three areas at Pound98,500.
    As regard to 2-beds type, there are slightly more chambers are rented than 1-bed rooms. Significantly,in Fulham, with 175 one higher,the salaries from 2-beds rooms is nearly as twice as the incomes from the 1-beds rooms as it is Pound102.500 and Pound56,500 respectively.
    When its come to 3-beds, the largest number of chambers rented again belong to Notting Hill with a total at 738 rooms, in comparison with Fulham at 600 rooms. Therefore, while Notting Hill received nearly Pound195.000 in 3-beds, Regent’s Park earned only Pound170.500, a difference at nearly Pound25.000.
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