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    Some people argue that state authorities should take the exclusive control over studies conducting in the science field. While I understand underlying reasons for the argument, I believe that private firms should be free to take part in this kind of activities.
    On the one hand, there are several rationales why some people want to put strict controls on the scientific research activities. Firstly, if there is no limit on this issue, there might occur some situations where studies are researched for bad purposes, which affect the welfare of a society. For example, a mass production of robots to replace labors in workplace will lead to a dramatic rise of unemployment rate. This in return, will adversely affect low-skill workers. Secondly, if scientific experiments are out of control of governments, no one can govern its application. For example, if a pharmaceutial company markets a vaccine without an approve from an official organization, no one can guarantee for its quality and even side- effects.
    On the other hand, I believe that it is necessary to involve the the participations of the private sector in sciencetific research. Obviously, profit organizations always have greater financial potential than non-for-profit ones, while studies in the field of science cost a great deal of money. Therefore, the participantions of governments merely is not enough for investments in science development. Furthermore, if every research proposal is required to get permission from governments, this procedure will create a bunch of administrative works for governmental officers. This will waste a lot of time and human resources.
    In conclusion, it is reasonable that some boundaries should be imposed on scientific studies. However, the presence of private companies in this field is crucial and essential.

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    Mình gửi lại bản mới.

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    Please kindly check!

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    Actually, I do think people still use “potential” as a noun in the sense of “ability,” so it is not necessary to use “potency” as you suggest. It sounds very weird

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    I did Google for the terms and it turns out “financial potential” was more widely used than “financial potency”. Thanks for your comment :)

    Anyway, you should use “a greater financial potential” (missing article “a”), Please as well add this correction in your work
    Thank you!

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    Thank you.

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