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    Scientific research should be carried up and controlled by government, rather than private companies. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

    Scientific research has played a dominant role in the development of each civilization. It’s even more important in the fast-paced society nowadays. To uphold the activities of scientific research, some people claim that it should be organized by the government rather than by private companies. I myself argue against this view.
    The first reason is that the government never has enough resources to allocate in all of social sectors. The fact is that, in most developed countries, government usually prioritize expenditure on education, social insurances, healthcare services, infrastructure and transportation. In education, for example, children in all social classes must be received the equal opportunity to go to school by the fee-free programs supported by the government. In this programs, the educators also have a high rate of salary as well as the full chance to approach to most of recent teaching technologies.
    Otherwise, many private companies are willing to contribute their money to scientific researches rather than the government for some reasons. The first benefit they will get from this action is the complimentary marketing campaigns for their products if the project goes successful. The second advantage is that they can have the monopoly in applying the new research to their manufacturing and operation.
    Moreover, scientific research requires a high quality of personnel, specific activities and machinery, which were just properly supplied by private sectors. For instance, a research in a new medicine will attract the medical companies to invest to. They are the ones that have qualified researchers, pharmacists and other resources that meet the strictly requirements of the research.
    In summary, government should authorize the private sectors to carry and control the scientific researches in order to gain their efficiency.

    Pham Thy Nga.

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