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    Topic 8: Space travel has been possible for sometime and some people believe that space tourism could be developed in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?
    In our modern society, science has such a development that allow space travel to gain popularity and have chance to become an industry in the future. From my point of view, this trend could have both pros and cons.
    On the one hand, there is no doubt that outer space travel stimulates the revolution of our scientific world. Nowadays, more and more giant companies have invested huge budget on this gaming industry. They believe that travel out of the earth is not restricted to astronauts, but is also evident among people of all ages. The more demands are created, the more possible the space tourism will be. Moreover, this tourism will definitely intrigue people’s curiosity and satify their thirsty minds for space knowledge. Therefore, people, especially youngsters, have chances to grow their passions and this will lay the foundation for the scientific revolution afterward.
    On the other hand, there have been some drawbacks that discourage the possibility of outer space industry. Firstly, the danger of this kind of transport is undeniable. Unlike the other transports that are operated on earth, spacecrafts can not be checked regularly and repaired immediately once problems occur. For example, imagine if there is a collision between our spacecraft and some meteotites that brokes the shift’s cover and the source of fuel leaks out uncontrollably, what should the crew do? I believe all they can do is to calm down and wait for the rescuing shift from earth. In addition, the expense for a travelling time is extremely high. To prepare for the launch, passengers have to undergo a training like the professional astronauts in some days. This would allow them to acclimatise to the zero gravity. Passengers have to pay quite a lot money and even put their lives at risk for one time travel out of this world.
    In conclusion, inspite of the high risk and cost, space tourism is demonstrated to have great potential in the long term.

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