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    1/ Do you like plants:
    Well, yes, I’m really into plants. Because I’ve always felt connected with nature, and I think plants play an essential role in our life. Different varieties of plants have their own appeal, but they all bring us a feeling of freshness.

    2/ What plants do you like?
    My favourite plant is the cactus, a member of the succulent plant family. There are more than 2000 varieties of cacti that grow up in various shapes and sizes. They are famous for their ability of suffering severe weather conditions. However, some varieties of cacti can even be planted indoors as they neccessitate little sunlight and water.

    3/ Have you ever grown any plants?
    Yes, quite often actually. Gardening is one of my pastimes. I usually buy the seeds online from reliable gardening websites and then grow them with my mother.

    4/ Did you grow any plants when you were a child?
    Yes, and it was my father who instructed me to grow my very first plant. I still remembered clearly it was a mango tree. At that moment, I watered the tree on a daily basis in the hope that it would grow rapidly. It has been 22 years now, and guess what, the mango tree is still alive and bears fruits every summer!

    5/ Do you know how to grow any plants?
    Yes, of course, I know quite thoroughly indeed. There are plenty of steps and techniques involved in growing plants, from selecting quality seeds; providing sufficient sunlight and water to spraying suitable fertilizers. Gardening requires a lot of effort, but I think in the end it is a rewarding experience.

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    Thanks for trusting us! I included a model answer which was written by me. Hope it helps you!.

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