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Speaking part 1: Wokring

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    1/ What do you do?
    I’m currently working as a doctor for departement of General Medicine in Dong Nai General Hospital. My specialization is about Infectious Diseases.

    2/ What are your responsibilities?
    Well, I’m mainly responsible for examining, dianogsing and treating patients who acquire Infectious Diseases or Digestive system related diseases.

    3/ Why did you choose to do that type of work?
    Frankly speaking, I chose to be a doctor because I enjoy the feeling of taking care of other people. The process of treating patients is somehow intriguing to me. It is happy to see an illness person recover totally after receiving treatment therapy.

    4/ Is there some other kind of work you would rather do?
    Well, to be honest, if possible, I wish to be an English teacher for children. I love English and I would like to use it more in my life. Besides, I also love children and I hope to guide them some methods to learn English more easily then can help them love this incredible language.

    5/ Describe the company or organization you work for?
    I’m working for Dong Nai General Hospital which is a public hospital and the main hospital in Dong Nai Province. My hospital is one of the most modern hospital in the south of Vietnam where gathers many well qualified doctors and nurses and hi-tech techniques which can bring patients the best services. We work on the basis of mutual understanding and respect for each other, so it’s kind of an ideal environment for me.

    6/ Do you enjoy your work?
    Most of the time. It’s rewarding to co-work with amazing people in a supportive environment to bring out best health care service to patients that will ultimately give me a sense of satisfaction and pride.

    7/ What do you like about your job?
    Well, the perk of being a doctor is that you will receive respects from other people. Besides, being a doctor, you can help not only patients who come to hospital but also your family members when they have problems with their health. It’s great, I think.

    8/ What do you dislike about your job?
    Well, to be honest, I feel overloaded to work as a doctor in Vietnam because we have to examine and treat many patients a day due to the lack of doctors and the overload of patients. It is really stressful when your brain has to work continuously all day, you know. In addition, the salary for doctors in my country is not adequate to our time, effort and money we spent for this major. Finally, violence in medical centers where doctors and nurses are at high risk of attacks from patients and their relatives makes our job is one of the most dangerous job in Vietnam.

    9/ Do you miss being a student?
    Sometimes, when I’m burdened with my heavy workloads or the pressure of everyday life, I recall the memories of being a student. We were all carefree and innocent back then. It’s a precious time that I cherish.

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