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    To make an improvement on public health,while increasing the number of sport facilities seems to be an ideal solution for most of people, others suppose that it does not make any difference for the problem so other measures should be taken. From my persective, either of the ideas are possible for the situation.
    On the one hand, there is a wide recognition that people tend to do more exercise when there are more facilities to work out to have good health. Firstly, by establishing more gyms, this method will shorten the distance for people to travel to the places. For example, with more sports institutes, busy people will be able to find one which is near to their place. Thanks to this, they not only can spend less time travelling but also have more time to exercise. Secondly, by increasing sports facilities, there will be more space because this method prevents people from going to a same gym. To illustrate, since there are various gyms to choose, people will be able to choose an uncrowded sports facility to work out comfortably.
    On the other hand, since building more sports institute costs a great deal of money, other economical measures are more feasible to improve public health. Raising unhealthy food taxes is one of these methods. This solution will restrict people from eating junk food so it would be helpful for their own health. For instance, if fast food prices are increased,few people will find it comfortable to purchase them.As a result, they will have to make their own food which could be more healthier. Another economical method is reducing less working time. If this solution is enforced, people will have more free time so that they can do their favorite sports.
    In conclusion, it seems evidence that neither increasing sports facilities nor other measures are better. However, both ideas should be considered because either of them can make a huge impact on public health.

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