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Study at higher level or not

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    : Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful career, while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school
    All the students after graduating from high schools have to make decision that whether they would pursue higher education or not. There are benefits to a successful career when students pursue higher education while there are some reasons why getting a job right after leaving high school is a better option.
    On the one hand, many people believe that entering university or college is a good choice for future career because of some following reasons. Namely, it could give job-seekers more chances to get a high-salary job because studying at university will broaden students’ knowledge and provide them a deep understanding in a field. They will have more competitive advantages than the other and meet the need of high-paid works such as financier or stock broker. In addition, background knowledge at a university or college is a good step for them to move up in the career ladder. It is certain that only studying at a teriary level enables students to become an expert in one area which is the successful key for every employee having career ambitions.
    On the other hand, getting a job after high school have some certain advantages. Firstly, for the students whose families are so poor that they can not afford for tuitions in university, finding a good job allows them to pay their bills and live independently in a different place. Secondly, some students would like to take a year out before pursuing higher education due to that they want to travel and work in a different country. Moreover, working straight after graduating enables them to master soft skills like problem solving and communicating skills that make them nurture more quickly in life.
    In conclusion, both entering academic institutions and getting a job right after high school bring certain benefits for the students and it depends on their situations and career direction.

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