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Studying abroad

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    More and more students choose to go to another country for their higher education. Do you think the benefits outweigh the problems associated with it?
    It is true that there are increasingly pupils pursing the tertiary education in foreign countries. Personally, I strongly believe that the upsides of this trend would eclipse its drawbacks.
    On the one hand, studying abroad could exert some negative consequences for society as well as individuals. To begin with, in fact the vast majority of international students suffer from culture shock, which takes a lot of time to adopt new habits. This would put these pupils under pressure, thus present detrimental effects on their health. Furthermore, overseas students tend to settle down and seek jobs in foreign countries after finishing their school’s curriculum, hence the existence of the brain drain phenomenon. For example, there are a large number of Vietnamese talented pupils achieving the scholarship and pursing the higher education abroad; however, a few of them are likely to come back to their homeland to run their business or work for domestic companies.
    On the other hand, despite aforementioned disadvantages, I still argue that the benefits of this trend are of greater significance for a couple of reasons. Firstly, overseas students will have more favorable chances in terms of knowledge acquisition. To be more specific, studying abroad enable these pupils to approach new teaching methods or gain numerous hand-on experiences. This might allow them to secure a decent job in labor market. In addition, these students studying abroad could be fostered the all-round development because they have to obtain some necessary skills like time management, problem-solving or interpersonal skills when they no longer receive help from their parents.
    In conclusion, it is my firm belief that the advantages of studying abroad would overshadow its downsides.

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