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    The table illustrates how a small tropical island has changed into a tourist destination regarding several factors since 1985.
    Overall, some factors have witnessed a decrease in their popularity while there has a upward trend in the others’.
    The percentage of island covered in forest dropped from 37% in 1985 to 17% in 2005, at which it has remained stable until now. The number of bird species started at 67 in the initial year and then fell remarkably to reach the lowest point of 30 in 2000. The figure has climbed to 44 recently. There has been a consecutive decline in the population of fishing, with 80% in 1985 and 30% at present.
    In contrast, houses hardly had access to water and electricity in 1985, whereas the percentage of houses has soared over the period, with 95% and 97% respectively. In 1985, the percentage of school-aged children was only 34%. However, there was a small decline of 2% ten years later, followed by a significant increase, ending at 91% now.

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