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table – leisure activities

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    The table below shows information on participation in various leisure activities in the U.K.
    Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
    Write at least 150 words.

    The table illustrates the percentage of participants in three age groups enjoying different leisure activities in four weeks in the UK.
    Overall, watching TV/DVDs is the most common leisure activity for people in all three age groups, while the opposite tendency can be seen in the figure for dressmaking/needlework/kniting.
    Between 95% and 99% of respondents who aged 16 – 69 say that their leisure activities are watching TV/DVDs and visiting/entertaining friends/relations. While 16 – 19 and 25 -29 year-old people like listening to music in their free time, with 98% and 93% of interviewers, just 65% of those aged 60-69 enjoys that activity. Reading books is the only activity that all three age groups have equivalent figures, at from 63% to 66%.
    50% of people in the 25-29 age group loves DIY, whereas the figures for the 16-19 and 60-69 years old are much lower, at 25% and 38% of participants respectively. By contrast, interviewers aged 60-69 likes gardening ( 61%) and dressmaking/needlework/kniting ( 27%) more than people in the early adulhood, under 35% of 25-29 years old and under 15% of people aged 16-19.

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