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    Task 1: The table illustrates the percentage of male and female in terms of weight in Vietnam from 1999 to 2009.

    The table give information about the figures for each gender in three kinds of fitness including underweight, normal weight and over weight in Vietnam over the period of ten years from 1999 to 2009.
    Overall, the ratio of men and women at the normal weight witnessed the moderate increase while the opposite trend was true for the figures for thin people and obese people of each gender over the period. Additionally, the people with the normal weight accounted for the highest percentage at each gender.
    In 1999, starting at 43%, women having the normal weight made up for the highest percentage, while the figures for underweigh and overweight females only stood at approximately 28%. 10 years later, there was a gradual rise of 13% in the number of normal weight women whereas underweight women remained stable at 29% and the percentage of overweight female was seen to decline substantially to 15% from the inital figure of 28 %.
    Similarly, the ratio of normal weight males also won the first place with 48% in 1999 , then continued rise to 51% before to peak at 54 % at the end of the given period. By contrast, males at underweight and overweight shared the same proportion of 26% at the beginning of the period and witnessed the same downward trend to 23% at the end, which were much lower than that of normal weight.

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