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    The chart below gives information about the most common sports played in New Zealand in 2002.

    Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

    The bar chart shows data about the proportion of genders participated in various sports in New Zealand in 2002.

    Overall, it is clear that there was a significant differences between the percentage of boys and girls who took part in most of these sports. However, the figure for basketball and tennis were similar.

    Among girls, the proportion of girls played netball was the highest at 25%, followed by that was the figure for swimming at approximately 23%. About 7% and 8% enjoyed basketball and tennis respectively – a figure which was slightly lower than boys for both sports. While the proportion of girls took part in soccer and athletics were close to each other at 4-5%, less than 4% of them participated in marital arts and cricket. Finally, the figure for other, unspecified, sports totaled at 10%.
    In contrast, only 1% of boys played netball. The sports attracted boys the most were soccer, swimming and cricket, at around 24%, 14% and 9% respectively. The percentage for athletics, marital arts, basketball and tennis rage from 5% to 10%. About 19% of boys enjoyed other sports.

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