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task 1 – cam 10 – test 3

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    Cam 10, test 3

    The charts below show what UK graduate and postgraduate students who did
    not go into full-time work did after leaving college in 2008.

    The given charts illustrate the numbers of graduate and postgraduate
    students by their distinct options after finishing education in UK in 2008
    except for those who chose full-time employment.

    It is clear from the provided columns that both graduator and post-
    graduator decided to have further study the most. By contrast, they were
    not interested in voluntary work.

    Regarding to graduate students, participating in higher level of learning
    was the most popular choice of them, reaching to 29,665 students. The
    number of persons recorded in part-time work and unemployment were
    significantly lower, at 17,735 and 16,235 pupils respectively. Meanwhile,
    just about 10% of interviewed people were keen on working as volunteers.

    In relation to postgraduate students, they also took part in further study
    and this option accounted for the highest part, at 2,725 students. Whereas
    the proportion of those who worked as part-time was slightly smaller, at
    2,535, the number of individuals who were unemployed was considerably
    fewer, at 1.625 persons. It was similar to graduate students that
    postgraduate students selected voluntary jobs the least, only 345.

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