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Task 1 – Communication services

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    ĐỀ BÀI: The line graph shows the number of people who used different communication services in the world.
    Units: per 100 inhabitants

    The line graph illustrates the preference of users over five communication services among 100 people over a decade from 1998 to 2008.
    It can be seen clearly that despite falling behind of landline service in the beginning, cellular phone service was the most widely-used until the end of the surveyed time.
    In spite of starting at the highest point compared to the other categories, the quantity of landline service user showed almost no change in 2008, indicating at around 15 per 100 people.
    In regard to cellular phone service, it was only a half of 10 per 100 users in 1998 but it caught up landline service in 2002 and rocketed to the peak at 60 users in 2008, which made it the most popular communication service.
    Followed by cellular phone service was internet service. In 1998, it began with approximately 5 out of 100 users whereas it finished a decade at over 20 people, indicating a dramatic increase.
    It is the striking point that although no one used mobile and fixed broadband in 1998, there were 5 among 100 inhabitants using them in the last year of surveyed period of time.

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