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Task 1 – MAP

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    The maps show the development that occured at Shipsmouth during a 15-year period from 1995 to 2000.
    It is clear from the maps that the biggest change that happened at the city was the construction of airport and football stadium. Additionally, all the trees had been completely cut down by 2010.
    In 1995, trees in the north-west and south-east were chopped down, and by 2010 the apartment blocks and a new airport had been built in its place. There was factory near the sea, but that factory was demolished in 2010 to make way for a shopping centre. In the north-east area of the city, the church and houses were replaced by a new pub and skyscrapers respectively.
    If we look at the city centre, it had been pedestrianized since 2010. Meanwhile, the station in the south still remained and another station was lengthened opposite, across the road. A final interesting development is the gap between the station and the sea was full by a new football stadium.

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    Cambridge 9 test 1 mapTask 1
    The maps indicate the changing of the island which has been constructed for tourist purposes. It includes the maps of the island before and after construction.

    At the first glance, after construction, there is an improvement in transportation in the island as the road, footpath and pier is built to connect the main area in the island and the land. There are more facilities are built to meet the tourists’ demand. Otherwise, the main forest in the island is kept safe and sound. Before the construction, there are mere a big and small forest in the island.

    From the pier, there is a motor road which connects with the reception and restaurant. There are two blocks of hotel which is on the left and right of the main area. The footpath is built to connect the hotel rooms. The tourist can enjoy swimming from the beach near the blocks of hotel on the left side.

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    Bạn ơi bạn gửi lại bài theo đúng format giúp mình nhé.
    Bạn tham khảo format đúng ở đây:

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    Đề đây, bạn chữa bài giúp mình với nhé! Thanks.

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    File exceeds allowed file size –> up lại nhé bạn file bị lỗi rồi ạ :(

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    đây nhé

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    Chữa bài giúp mình với ad, bài mình lâu quá rồi mãi chưa đc chữa :((

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    Please see the attached file for your correction.
    If you have any concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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