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Task 1 – Maps

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    The diagrams below show the development of the village of Kelsbey between 1780 and 2000

    The maps illustrate how the village transformed after some developments of construction form 1780 to 2000. It is clearly seen that the village became more and more developed, cutting out some of the nature beauty while extending the residential area and giving some options for schools and leisure activities.
    In detail, in 1860 the number of homes located in the top right hand corner of map increased significantly, higher 2 times than the figure for homes in 1780. By contrast, lots of wood nearby the residential area were cut-down for the purpose of expanding housing estate. In addition, people built the bridge to across the river. From that, one road was erected to connect between the bridge and the village.
    In 140 years later, all of woods and farms were converted into schools and sports field which located in the south of housing. People constructed the other road linking school area to the village. Besides, the figure for homes witnessed a dramatically rise to 500 units. In the south-west of housing was wetland for birds. Proximity to the river, there were lots of shops were also constructed.
    Total words: 202
    Kindly check my writing : grammar, vocab, idea,…..
    Target score : 7.0-7.5 task 1 so pls correct my writing to reach it.

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    Kindly check!

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