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Task 1 – MUSIC

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    1. Do you like listen to music?
    It seems to be that music was a part of my life throughout my twenties. In that period, my soul was always falling in the music feelings that was promoted by the passion & emotion of youth. However, with busy work nowadays I have little time to spend for music activities.

    2. What type of music do you like listen to?
    To be honest, I’m a rock fan. When I were a student, I have joined in many rock’s show with my friends. At that time, the rock shows are always attractive by many famous bands as The Wall, Titanium, Microware, etc. At current, I rarely turn on a track of rock music because the passion fire in my heart was faded when I’m facing to the realistic life.

    3. Where do you usually listen to music?
    To start a day, I usually listen to music every early morning at home by connecting my phone to a mobile speaker. Nowadays with the high technology, music has played by the speakers are so loud and high sound quality. But sometimes, I go to the bar where I could enjoy in the live songs with my friends.

    4. Can you play any musical instruments?
    A few years ago, I usually played the guitar following a lovely song to a girl I loved. But until now, I don’t have any guitars beside me. Almost of girls I liked are got married with other men and that is the reason why the guitars need to be retied.

    5. Do you think it’s importance for children to learn to play musical instrument?
    Well, that is a good idea for the children education. It’s very interested subject for children after school as they are attracted by the sound of musical instrument. Furthermore, these class could teach more skills to children and improve their talents because children have been connected to the music directly and frequently.

    6. Do you prefer listening to live performances or recorded music?
    I think that I refer listening to live performances because I could hear and feel the singer and the musical instruments directly. Additionally, the atmosphere at the living show is always exciting to me when I am enjoying in.

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